Italian Panini Sandwich Recipe

Italian Panini Sandwich Recipe

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Italian Panini Sandwich Recipe
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Panini sandwiches are delicious and easy to make on your Foreman Grill. Ingredients can be easily substituted for low-sodium or low-fat varieties. This Italian panini sandwich is simple to prepare and takes only minutes to make. Serve with kettle chips and a good dill pickle for a real deli-style lunch.


  • Olive Oil
  • 2 slices of bread (sourdough bread is the traditional panini bread)
  • Sliced ham
  • Sliced salami
  • Sliced pepperoni
  • Sliced Mozzarella cheese
  • Pepperoncini peppers
  • 1 tsp Italian dressing

Total time: 10 minPrep time: 5 min – Cook time: 5 min


Preheat Foreman Grill for at least 5 minutes. Add deli meats in a folded style to one slice of bread. Add desired amount of pepperoncini pepers and cover with a slice or two of mozzarella cheese. Add top slice of bread. Brush bread with olive oil – just enough to lightly coat. Place on grill for 5 minutes or until grill marks appear on bread. Add Italian dressing before serving.

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