George Foreman Grill Accessories

George Foreman Grill Accessories

The George Foreman line of grills is well thought out in terms of the variety of dishes you can make. You can do quite a bit with just the basic grill at a great price point. The more advanced grills have all the bases covered for cooking anything from a simple hamburger or pancake to a complex lasagna or double fudge brownies with the interchangeable plates.

There are several accessories that you can acquire to enhance your Foreman Grill cooking experience, including some that make cleaning and storage easier. Let’s explore some of the accessory options by each grill type.

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Basic and Advanced Grills

The Basic Grills are fairly simple to use. They are available in 2 and up to 9 serving sizes. The plates are non-stick ridged grills, top and bottom. They come standard with a separate drip tray. You can also order replacement drip trays. When ordering a replacement, be mindful of the size, as some are longer for the 9 serving grills.

The George Foreman Grilling Tongs have stainless steel handles with tips made of nylon for use on ceramic and other nonstick grilling surfaces. The handle locks closed for compact storage.

Cleaning the Basic and Advanced Grills is a snap with the custom grill Cleaning Sponges. These are uniquely designed to fit within the channels of plates. They have 2 surfaces, one for gentle scrubbing and one for wiping clean. These sponges are safe to use on the nonstick surface. They come in six packs. There is also a plastic grill scraper/spatula available for cleaning stuck on grime and charred bits or for lifting off cooked food without damaging the surface.

The Advanced Grills are similar to the Basic Grills in the way they cook food. The advantage to these is that they have removable plates that are dishwasher safe. Just like the drip trays, it is possible to order replacement grill plates for these.

The tongs and cleaning accessories are perfect for all of the George Foreman Grills.

Premium Grills

The George Foreman Premium Grills, notably the Evolve Grills, take cooking appliances to a new dimension. These larger grills have removable and interchangeable plates for diverse cooking and easy cleanup. The top plate can be removed to reveal a broiler unit.

While the grill comes standard with the ridged top and bottom grill plates, you can also get accessory plates to customize your appliance.

Waffle Plates are nonstick, durable plates that make it easy to create delicious breakfasts.

The Griddle Plate provides a large, flat surface for cooking diner style. You can make eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, etc. You can also bake cookies on the griddle plate.

The non-stick Omelet Plates have three separate compartments to make individually customized omelets. Just pour in the egg mixture and add personalized toppings to each one.

The Burger grilling accessory insert makes mini-burgers or sliders in precisely shaped, individual serving portions. This is a great accessory for party appetizers. You can make 6 sliders at a time with this insert. It also works perfectly on a sloped surface to allow for healthier, low fat burgers.

The Baking Dish is a personal favorite. I am a terrible baker. This removable plate is so versatile. You can make one dish meals, such as lasagna or deep dish pizza, and you can bake carrot cake or brownies. This especially takes the George Foreman Grills to another level. I think you might be able to have a fully functioning mini kitchen with a premium grill + accessories like this one, a sink, and a small fridge. This makes the tiny house movement doable.

And then we go one step further with the Muffin Pan insert. The 6-portion cupcake and muffin pan insert accessory plate fits seamlessly inside the baking dish to allow you to bake muffins or cupcakes inside your Foreman Grill. There is no need for oil or butter with the non-stick coating, making for super easy cleanup. Just place the muffin plate in the dishwasher.

Indoor/Outdoor Grills

Any of the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grills is great for larger servings. It has room for over 12 servings of meats, veggies, kabobs, and desserts. It is awesome that it is apartment approved in most areas. This is the perfect grill for an outdoor terrace or a small balcony. And yes, it can be used indoors.

This comes with a removable grill stand that is a good accessory for setting up the grill at the right height outside. You can also get the water-resistant Grill Cover that protects the grill and the stand, down to the floor, from the elements. With the cover accessory you can store this grill outside rain or shine. No need to dismantle and bring indoors.

Additional Accessories

There are 2 more accessories that I like: the Adjustable Burger Press and the Cast Iron Grill Press.

With the Adjustable Burger Press you can make quarter pound, third pound, and half pound burgers, depending on whether you are serving the kids or the football team. This accessory has a nonstick coating that quickly releases patties and a soft-grip handle.

Are you watching your cholesterol? The Cast Iron Grill Press may be what you need. This heavy press releases more fat from grilled meats. You may have seen these at your local diner being used on the flat top. This press works on griddle plates and grill plates. The protein cooks faster and leaner. Just remember to have your drip tray in place to catch the grease.

Some Final Thoughts and Suggestions

When I received my first Basic George Foreman Grill as a gift I was thrilled. There was a slight learning curve for me because it didn’t arrive with any accessories, except for the drip tray. I read through the instruction manual and learned a few things.

I really needed the plastic tipped tongs and the cleaning sponges, so as not to ruin the non-stick surface. They were easy enough to purchase online and not expensive. For a the more advanced grills, it is nice to have an extended line of accessories to choose from.

While there is a little bit of a learning curve with purchasing and using the George Foreman Grills, my suggestion is to research well and read through some or all of the posts about the GF Grills before you buy. When you do order the grill you desire, add on the accessories you think you will benefit from to make life a little easier.

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